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Elder Benefit Specialist

Elder Benefit Specialists provide trusted and confidential advice to adults age 60 and older about benefits, including health care and programs that could save them money.  Elder Benefits Specialists can:

  • Provide accurate and current information on your benefits
  • Suggest alternative actions to secure benefits or appeal denials of benefits
  • Adocate on your behalf with with other parties
  • Explain what legal action or other possible solution is required
  • Refer you to an appropriate attorney when necessary.
  • Assist with insurance and access

We recommend the following video resources for individuals who will soon be (or who are) new to Medicare. (GWAAR is the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, CMS is the Centers  for Medicare and Medicaid Services)

Medicare Educational Videos – from GWAAR

Medicare & You Videos – From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Additional Medicare and Benefit Related Materials

Parts of Medicare

Medicare Preventative Services

Medicare Part D Tips

Seniorcare Information Sheet

Part D and Advantage Plan Signup Options

Medicare Videos

The Medicare Plan Finder – from GWAAR

Medicare Plan Finder Walkthrough – from CMS