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Divorce & Family

How Do I File for Divorce/Legal Separation?

Review the Basic Guide to Divorce to learn about legal issues to consider, such as, what county to file in, divorce versus legal separation or annulment, custody, child support, maintenance, property division, and debts. The flow chart on Page 3 of this guide will help you decide which forms are needed, depending upon your situation. Any forms needed can be found on the Wisconsin Circuit Court website.   

Divorce form packets are also available at our office for $25 if you are unable to print them out on your own.

The Family Forms Assistant website provides a guide to divorce and legal separation in Wisconsin and takes you through a series of questions, filling in most of the forms necessary for divorce and legal separation, including maintenance (alimony), child support, legal custody and physical placement, and property division. The forms may be printed out and filed at our office or filed electronically. 

Child Support:
The court shall order either or both parties to support a child who is:

  •   Under the age of 18 
  •   Age 18, but less than 19 and pursuing an accredited course of instruciton leading to a high school diploma or its equivalent.
CHILD SUPPORT BONDS ARE NOT PAID TO THE CLERK OF COURT. Please contact CHILD SUPPORT about amounts owed and making payments.

Child support is calcuted based upon the precentage of standard guidelines established by the State of Wisconsin Department of Children and Families' (DCF) Chapter 150.

If you have questions regarding warrants, payments, appearances, or enforcement please contact your child support worker. If you need copies of your child support orders you can contact the family clerk. 

How Do I Request a Change to an Existing Family Order:

Modification Instructions (FA-5008)

What Can I Do If the Other Party is Not Complying with an Existing Order:
Contempt Instructions (FA-5009)

How Do I Serve Papers and What are the Service Requirements: 
Service Instructions (FA-5000)

Service Attempts Were Not Successful.   Now What Do I Do:
Service by Publication (FA-5001)

How Can I Request Court Ordered Mediation Regarding a Custody/Placement Issue:  

Request for Mediation Instructions (FA-5004)

If you need further assistance, please call the family clerk.

The Clerk of Court and staff are NOT allowed to give legal advice.