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Traffic Citations & Forfeitures

Do I need to appear? 
If the citation states "must appear," and is considered a criminal charge, the Court requires you to appear for the Initial Appearance hearing. 
If your citation does not require you to appear, you can do the following:
  • If you do not wish to contest your citation, you may pay the amount stated on your citation before the court date.
  • If you want to contest your citation, you can enter a plea of not guilty by submitting the Not Guilty Plea form to the Court. The plea must be received five (5) days prior to your court date. The form may be submitted by mail, fax or eFile
  • If you plan to come to court, be sure to bring your proof of registration, valid driver's license, or proof of repair.
  • If you request a jury trial, you have ten (10) days from the appearance date to request and pay a NONREFUNDABLE $36.00 fee
  • If you do nothing, you will be defaulted and have 60 days to pay or will result in one (1) year suspension of your driver's license or five (5) days jail, depending on the type of citation(s) and still be responsible for payment in full. Default judgments means you will be found guilty and a default judgment will be entered. 
Pretrial conference:
After you have entered your not guilty plea and the appearance date has passed, you will receive a notice in the mail. The notice will have a date, time, and phone number (608)847-9314 to contact the district attorney's office. We will not call you - you are responsible to keep your address on file with the court until your case is closed and paid in full. 

REOPEN a case:

If you missed your court date and received a Default Judgment and would like to reopen the case, you will need to file a Motion to Reopen and pay a NONREFUNDABLE $50.00 fee. You will be given a date for the motion hearing which you do not need to attend. The Court Commissioner will decide to grant the motion to reopen or deny. If granted you will be scheduled for a Pre-trial conference with the District Attorney’s office. We will mail you a notice of hearing for your Pre-trial Conference.

Petition and Removal
You will file this in the county you were convicted in.

Mandatory suspension/revocation
All speeding citations that are 25 MPH over the speed limit in a 55 MPH or more zone have a mandatory 15 day driver’s license suspension.

To reinstate your license you must pay the DOT a reinstatement fee. If you have question regarding reinstatement of your license you may contact the DOT 1-800-924-3570 or go to their Website:  http://www.dot.state.wi.us/drivers/drivers/revoke/reinstat.htm

For more information, please read: Your rights in Court

To contact the Traffic Clerk

The Clerk of Court and staff are NOT allowed to give legal advice.