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Huber Information

Juneau County Jail - Huber Section

Jail Administrator: Captain Colleen Beier
Jail Lieutenant: Teig Hoag
Jail Lieutenant: Chris Giese

Juneau County Sheriff's Office
Jail Huber Section
200 Oak Street
Mauston, WI 53948
Tel: 608-847-9419
Fax:  608-350-0654

What is "Huber"?In short, Huber is commonly referred to as "work release", but it extends well beyond just employment. Wisconsin's Huber Law can be found in Wisconsin State Statute 303.08 which reads: Any person sentenced to a county jail for crime, nonpayment of a fine or forfeiture, or contempt of court or subject to a confinement sanction under s. 302.113 (8m) or 302.114 (8m) may be granted the privilege of leaving the jail during necessary and reasonable hours for any of the following purposes:

  1. Seeking employment or engaging in employment  training.
  2. Working at employment.
  3. Performing community service work under s. 973.03.
  4. Conducting any self-employed occupation including housekeeping and attending the needs of the person's family.
  5. Attending court proceedings to which the person is a party or for which the person has been subpoenaed as a witness.
  6. Attendance at an educational institution.
  7. Medical treatment (Exceptions). 
  8. Obtaining counseling or therapy from an approved public treatment facility, as defined in s. 51.45 (2) (c), an approved   private treatment facility, as defined in s. 51.45 (2) (b), a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a licensed clinical social worker, a professional counselor licensed under ch. 457, or a certified independent or advanced practice social worker who is authorized to practice psychotherapy under ch. 457.
  9. Attending an assessment for the purpose of determining the person's need for counseling or therapy under par.  (f).
  10. Attending a parenting education program.
  11. Meeting with the person's probation, extended supervision, or parole officer.
Juneau County's Huber facility...The Juneau County Jail's Huber section consists of 3 Huber dorms totaling 52 beds. Two dorms are primarily used for male Huber inmates and the third dorm is used to hold female Huber inmates.

Huber Information:Huber inmate rules, regulations and information packet can be found by clicking the links below.


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