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First installment will always be paid directly to the municipality on or before January 31st

Second installment will always be paid directly to the County on or before July 31st. 
**Please take note of addresses on the bottom of your tax bill**

Mailing first and second installment payments
** First installment payment must be post marked by January 31 to be considered timely.
** Second installment payment must be post marked by July 31st to be considered timely.

Tax Office : Borough of Pine HillService fee charged for E-check $1.50, Visa Debit Card $3.95, Credit Card 2.39%
Pay Real Estate Taxes by Phone:

**To view tax bills and property information please follow the link below in green to gain access to our Web portal.**



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WI Statutes Vol. 2 Chapter 74.11 (7) or 74.12 & 74.12 & 74.87 if the first installment of tax on real property is not paid on or before 5 working days after the due date of January 31, the total amount of the taxes remaining unpaid is delinquent as of February 1st until paid in full.

Interest and penalty is applied and accrues 1.5% per month until the balance of the taxes if paid in full