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What is a CVSO?

Mission Statement:

 To provide the highest quality service to Juneau County veterans and their family members by utilizing all available resources including federal, state, county and civic. We strive to keep veterans and their family members informed of all pertinent information through the use of all available technologies and actively work for the protection of veterans benefits. Veterans look to this office for assistance solving problems and answering questions that may arise.

What is a County Veterans Service Officer?

The purpose and mission of a County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) is to serve as the liaison between veteran benefits and those who may be entitled to them. CVSO's are veteran advocates, and as such serve to assist veterans and their dependents in any way possible.

While often assumed to be federal or state employees, Wisconsin CVSO's are employed at the county level per state law. Each county is responsible for hiring it's own CVSO and providing appropriate staffing, facilities and budget to enable the CVSO to best serve the veteran population of the county. State law requires that CVSO's be veterans of active service with honorable discharges, and that they be stand-alone departments within their respective county governments.

CVSO's deal with a large variety of benefits and programs for veterans. They process Veteran Affairs (VA) disability and pension claims, assist veterans with G.I. Bill education, VA home loans, medical care, nursing homes, obtaining replacement discharge certificates and military medals, death benefits, veteran cemeteries, funeral honors, life insurance, employment, vocational rehabilitation, and a host of other federal programs. On the state side, they assist veterans in obtaining emergency aid grants, participation in veteran assistance programs for the homeless, state nursing home care, education programs and state eligibility applications. At the county level, CVSO's are involved in emergency financial assistance, and in providing assistance to any veteran or veteran's dependent in need. CVSO's get the benefits to the veteran!

Veterans, their dependents, and the survivors of veterans are encouraged to contact their County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) to inquire about benefits to which they might be entitled. Their CVSO will explore all possible eligibilities, and will complete all the paperwork necessary in obtaining those benefit(s). You can locate your CVSO under the "county government" listings in your local phonebook or via the CVSO Association of Wisconsin website (see link below).

CVSO Association of Wisconsin