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Email: sheriffclerical@juneaucountywi.gov

What is Civil Process?Civil process is a "writ or mandate that serves as the means used for bringing a defendant to court to answer in an action or proceeding, civil or criminal." It is the responsibility of the sheriff's office to serve or execute according to law, all processes, writs, precepts, and orders issued or made by lawful authority according to Wisconsin State Statute 59.27 (4).   

In a broader sense, any writ, order, notice, summons, subpoena or other document by which a court exercises its jurisdiction over the parties or subject matter of any action or proceeding, is called a process.  

Civil Process service...To more effectively assist you in serving your papers, we will need to know information about each person to be served such as reference phone numbers, work place and hours, vehicle, date of birth or physical descriptors.  Include as much as you can provide.  This will help by saving excessive fees and officer's time. You must provide a current physical address or your papers cannot be served.  One complete set of the papers are needed for service for each person to be served. We also require an additional copy or cover sheet for us to use and return back to you with the proof of service.

The Juneau County Sheriff's Office will serve all types of legal papers including divorce papers, restraining orders, injunctions and subpoenas. You must provide a valid address in Juneau County for the defendant's residence or work place. We can not serve papers outside of Juneau County.

Civil Process Fees:
$75.00 for one service, $25.00 for a second person at the same address.
Writs: $150
Sheriff's sales:
$150.00 for sheriff sales, $75.00 due at posting, $75.00 due at the time of the sale. 
The attorney must have someone represent them at the sale.
For more information contact Office Manager Elizabeth Geesaman at 608-847-9415 or egeesaman@juneaucountywi.us

A pre-payment is required for all service fees.  We accept cash, check, or card.  Card payments can also be taken via phone.

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