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Parks Technician II

  2. Ability to apply professional forestry skills and silvicultural practices in implementing the forest management program on the Juneau County Forest and Community Forest.
  3. Ability to assist in the planning and implementation of recreational program goals.
  4. Ability to apply supervisory skills when working with Land, Forestry and Parks Department personnel.
  5. Ability to deal with the public as an administrative assistant of the County Park System.
  6. Ability to apply clerical, mechanical, carpentry, electrical and masonry skills on Land, Forestry and Parks Department equipment and facilities.
  7. Ability to manage day to day operations of the Castle Rock or Wilderness County Park.
  8. Ability to assist in the inspection, maintenance, advertising and sale of tax delinquent properties.
  9. Ability to operate power tools and equipment, including chainsaws, UTVs, skid-steers and tractors.
  10. Ability to maintain and update the Juneau County Land, Forestry and Parks website.
  11. Ability to write grant applications for local, state, federal and other aids for development and maintenance of parks and recreational trails.
  12. Ability to work closely with other agencies (WDNR, WCFA, WRPCO, USFWS and WI ANG)



  1. Timber stand cruising and analyzing of data for County Forest reconnaissance records.
  2. Timber sale establishment, creating maps, prospectuses, and completing State cutting notices and reports.
  3. Assist with protection of threatened and endangered species, Karner blue butterfly, and preservation of cultural and historical sites.
  4. Meet annual training requirements for forest certification, and forest industry safety training standards.
  5. Scale harvested timber.
  6. Assist with administration of timber sales.
  7. Assist with planning and implementation of site preparation for forest regeneration projects. 
  8. Assist with planning and implementing of timber stand improvement projects.
  9. Assist with planning and implementing fish and wildlife projects.
  10. Use GIS technology to fulfill land management needs.
  11. Assist with the processing of applications for entry or withdrawal of County Forest lands.
  12. Update and maintain compartment reconnaissance on the County Forest, including data collection after the closure of timber sales.
  13. Assist in the preparation of the County Forest 15-year plan.
  14. Assist in formulating the County Forest Annual Plan of Work.
  15. Monitor the County Forest for insect and disease concerns.


  1. Hire, oversee, direct and supervise park employees.
  2. Schedule park employee work hours and maintain time sheet records.
  3. Maintain park facilities and equipment.
  4. Register campers, collect fees and assign campsites.
  5. Prepare deposits of park revenue.
  6. Provide and or assist with security/patrol of County Parks.
  7. Order and maintain park concessions.
  8. Purchase materials and supplies as needed to operate park as directed by County Forest Administrator.
  9. Help develop and implement the Juneau County Outdoor Recreation Plan.
  10. Help develop and implement the Emergency Management Plan for recreation areas (tornados, dam failures, and other catastrophic events).
  11. Help coordinate safety training for seasonal staff, maintain MSDS folders (Material Safety Data Sheets). Follow and enforce OSHA Workplace Safety and Hazard Communication Standards.
  12. Assist with risk management, minimizing potential threats or hazards to recreational users.
  13. Prepare maps, brochures, and other promotional material for the Juneau County Parks.


  1. Assist with inspecting tax delinquent parcels.
  2. Help identify and establish communication with occupants of tax delinquent parcels for the purpose of preparing and serving eviction notices for persons and /or property.
  3. Assist with re-keying, winterizing buildings and grounds maintenance for tax delinquent parcels.
  4. Prepares tax delinquent parcels for sale through advertising and listing on the Department website.


  1. Maintains valid CDL with classes ABCD (Commercial Driver’s License)
  2. Assist in park development projects, apply for permits, manage contracts, and oversee contracted services.
  3. Maintain department vehicles, equipment and buildings using mechanical, carpentry, electrical or masonry skills.
  4. Supervise personnel on departmental projects.
  5. Design and create signs when necessary.
  6. Perform any other duties as assigned.

WORK SCHEDULE:  Due to the seasonal nature of this position, summer months will require hours over and above that of a regular forty hour week, including holiday, weekend and evening work as necessary.


BS in Natural Resources field with emphasis in outdoor recreation.  Previous experience or training in parks, recreation and forestry-related work, as well as experience in providing assistance and services to the public is required. Mechanical ability and knowledge of safe and proper use of equipment and tools.  Experience in reading blueprints and performing masonry, electrical and carpentry skills will be necessary. Experience in outdoor maintenance activities or any combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.


This position requires a person physically able to traverse over long distances on irregular terrain under all weather conditions.


Operate a variety of departmental equipment such as, but not limited to: standard office equipment, GPS Unit, cash register, credit card machine, computer, power woodworking tools, chainsaws, mowers, tractors, pickup trucks, dump trucks, end loader, skidder, forklift, etc.

Starting Wage:  $25.16 per hour.

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Juneau County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the County will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective employees and incumbents to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

This position description has been prepared to assist defining job responsibilities, physical demands, working conditions and skills needed.  It is not intended as a complete list of job duties, responsibilities, and/or essential functions.  This description is not intended to limit or modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct and control the work of employees under supervision.  The County retains and reserves any or all rights to change, modify, amend, add to or delete, from any section of this document as it deems, in its judgment, to be proper.